Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toddler Personal Ad - Response

Well, I left to pick the children up from school fully intending to ask Ava's teacher about possible playmates. Then I chickened out. It's so easy to just think, "I'll do it next time."  That's just my way of rationalizing procrastinating some more.  I was feeling guilty about it because every time I put it off I let another week slip by without a good play option for Ava. 

That same night we went for a walk before dinner.  Our weather has been unseasonably warm for a change and we were taking advantage.  So in some weird and blessed twist of fate, as we were on our walk I spotted a mother and a young daughter also out for a walk. They live about four houses away (moved in recently) and her little girl is only three months older than Ava. She gave me her email address and I contacted her that night. We'll have our first playdate Sunday. 

I hope we all get along because it can't get much better than a little girl only three months older who lives less than a two minute walk away. 

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