Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Mom Tells a Funny Story / "The Look"

So here's a funny story from a mom who's daughter has CAS. This particular post is about her son though. To be honest, I haven't read enough of her blog yet to know if her son also has apraxia, but he must have some speech issues because he's working on some sounds and that led to a funny (although not at the time for her), very public exchange in a store. Check it out.

She also refers to "the look" - that look your child gives you when they know you aren't getting what they are trying to say. I'm just now being introduced to that look, but I know it already. It makes me sad. It is terrible enough that I know other people will struggle to understand her. I want to be able to understand her all the time. I feel like it's my job as her mama and the least I can do. But I can't.

Instead I will try hard to let her know that it's all right when people don't understand. She always has options. She can always try another way. I guess my real job is to equip her with the tools she will need to communicate successfully in any way that she can and the persistence to always keep trying. That's my goal at least.

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