Monday, January 31, 2011

Off to the ENT we go...

So we’re off to the ENT tomorrow. This is the next step following last week’s disastrous trip to an audiologist for a hearing evaluation. I know my daughter. Let’s say I had a normal six-sided die. This is what our odds look like.
  • Side 1: The visit goes beautifully. Ava is pleasant and cooperative and we find out everything we need to know. (hahahahahaha)
  • Side 2: Ava is uncooperative and much pleading, bribery and trickery is necessary before we find out the bare minimum of what we need to know.
  • Side 3: Ava is uncooperative and hysterical and only through physical restraint are we able to even let the ENT get a look in her ears. We find out very little of what we need to know.
  • Sides 4 - 6: Ava is uncooperative and hysterical and through no means are we able to find out anything useful. It’s an utter waste of our time and the time of an expensive professional. Ava holds it against me for the rest of the day.
I know these are my odds. But what else is a mama to do? I need to know for sure that hearing loss is not part of this picture at all.

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  1. I know - how this one feels like with my Rio - the hearing booth and the ent looking into his ears went somewhat ok - the difficult part was the tymmpanogram where Rio wouldnt hold still...and wouldnt let them touch his ears -- however, the pediatric ENT said that he doesnt believe that the speech delay had anything to do with his hearing - he was hearing at 15db and in schools even if you hear at 30db they pass the test.


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