Monday, January 17, 2011

Hula Fail

So my mom got me a weighted, adult-size hula hoop and instructional dvd for Christmas. I had asked for them on a whim. I had never actually used a hula hoop successfully before, but I’d never had an adult-sized one before either. Supposedly the bigger it is, the easier it is.

So, I tried it. I’m terrible at it, but I had fun. I managed about 30 seconds to a minute at a time over 15 minutes or so. The next day I was bruised. Seriously! Bruised. So, there was a three day break while I waited to heal. The next time I tried it I was a little better. I could hoop for say, 45 seconds at a time to maybe 2 minutes at a time. Again, over a 15 – 20 minute time span. The next day – more bruises and another waiting period.

I’d really like to hula hoop for fun and fitness. I find it to be a mood booster. I could use a mood booster. But at the rate of 15 minutes twice a week I don’t see much progress happening. At least I do see a little bit of humor in the situation.

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