Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bye, Bye!

Ava told me “bye, bye” for the first time last night as I was leaving her room after putting her to bed. I was ridiculously excited. And then she said it again completely unprompted as her daddy was taking her out the door for her hearing test. (SLP note: her /ai/ or long I sound is distorted and more like a cross between an /a/ as in the way a baby would say /ba/ /ba/ for bottle and a true diphthong /ai/ - but still!)

Also in the past 24 hours she pointed to me and called me “mama” clear as day and then pointed to her dad and called him “dada.” It was the first time and melted my heart.

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  1. I found your blog while doing online research yesterday and its safe to say that I am addicted to it- I have a two year old son who got diagnosed with suspected CAS - your first post about you finding out about your daughter could have easily been mine -- thats how i feel right now ---every waking moment of my life is consumed by this! My son isnt saying any words -- lots of sounds though...he turned two on 04/29/2013. We have been getting speech therapy since Jan through the state program in Texas - but to no avail - now we have moved to Georgia and get therapy 3 times a week - twice through state and one private session ( not covered by insurance). The speech therapists here are way better than the one in Texas -- the one in Texas was more interested in talking about weather and every day things than my son -- and we didnt know what to expect out of therapy plus we kept thinking that Eesa will catch up-- the anxiety/stress levels have reached a new high after his second birthday - I am as determined as a mother can be ( hence the big rant right here)

    Anyways, in this post I was so excited to read about the quick progress of Ava - what all did you guys do in the past few weeks that brought about bye, bye, mama and dada - i have read the past few posts but if you can tell me what exactly to do for a kid who isnt saying anything at all??

    Thank you - I feel like your blog was a GodSend - I am learning so much!


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